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Seis consejos de Zach Echola para estudi …

Seis consejos de Zach Echola para estudiantes de periodismo en red (en inglés)

There’s a big difference between a blog that you use to grow a larger audience and a blog that you use for networking.

  1. A networking blog should be a living document of your professional self. You should stay focused on topics that matter to people who may hire you. You should start reading blogs from people in your field.
  2. When someone makes you think, you should think out loud on your site. Have a conversation with others. Email people questions. Chat with them on twitter. Get to know people. Working a blog isn’t much different than working a room at a conference. Stay focused.
  3. Show off your work. When you do something good, show it off. Don’t be bashful.
  4. SEO the crap out of yourself. When you apply for a job, the first thing most people do is Google your name. If your MySpace shows up with some compromising pictures, that puts you at a disadvantage. I don’t think you should have to take down those photos (with a bit of digging, I’m sure you can find some videos of me doing the drunken robot somewhere), but make sure your best stuff is at the top of the results page.
  5. Seize every opportunity you can. When I talk to people about Creative Commons and copyright, I talk about a student who sent The Forum photos from Northwood, ND. A tornado ravaged the small town last summer and Forum Communications had multiple properties covering the news. One student drove up to the site andstarted taking photographs. He took some great pictures and then he put them in front of us. We used some on In-Forum. On Monday, just as I was about to break into this spiel, a student in the back of the room told it for me. I had the fortune of finally putting a face to the photos. So:
  6. Always remember that there’s a real human being on the other side of the machine.

Una traducción automática de Google Translate, un poco a lo Tarzán, está disponible aquí.


Aprender haciendo

La idea de un seminario taller es esa, aprender haciendo. En el video que pongo abajo se revive una entrevista de Eduard Punset a Roger Schank.

Schank es un conocido profesor de Yale, estudioso de las teorías de aprendizaje y autor de frases tan copadas como “Los colegios no deberían existir”. Está bueno lo que dice, creo que la mayor parte de lo que sabemos lo hemos aprendido desde la experiencia y no tanto desde el escritorio o la mesita de estudiar en casa.

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Ya que estamos cerca del fin del cuatrimestre, y aunque es temprano para balances, me gustaría saber qué se llevan, qué nos llevamos todos, de “Periodismo Digital”, puntualmente sobre el “hacer” y “participar” .